Client Interview About Her New Home in Fruita, CO

What was your initial fear with building a new home?

I had built several houses before so I had some experience. I think the thing I worry about most is getting the flow of the house right, so it works perfectly for my life.

What was your experience like, working with Ryan and the RG Cowan team?

Amazing. I lucked into a meeting with Ryan when I was just starting to think about this project and I am so thankful for that meeting. This was a collaborative effort, Ryan and Josey listened to me carefully, and helped me navigate every decision, every step. They earned my complete trust. They got to know me and created a house that is so “me” and matches how I live.

Did you find it difficult to pick out materials, appliances, colors, etc?

What helped you through the process?

I hate that part of building a house! It can be so overwhelming. Josey and Ryan, once they knew my style, really streamlined this for me. They did all the legwork and usually all I had to say was “yes, I love that!”


New Home Fruita Modern


How does your new space make you feel?

Happy. I walk into the house and it makes me smile. Every time.

What is your favorite thing about your new home?

That’s tough, I love so many things. I think the open feel of it is the best part. It is light and airy and modern, but not sterile at all.

What made you choose the Fruita area to build in?

I have been coming to Fruita for years because I love the trails and the comfortable vibe of Fruita. This is a second home for me, and it is a perfect compliment to my main home in the mountains.


New Home Fruita Modern

How did you find RG Cowan Design Build?

I was introduced by an inspector in Fruita who had worked with Ryan before. I owe that guy a huge thank you!

Would you work with Ryan again, and/or recommend us to others?

100%. Honestly, I would tell anyone building in the area to not look anywhere else.

What was RG Cowan Design Build’s “strong suit” in your opinion?

On the design side, I thought they had excellent aesthetic and design ideas. Overall, they listened to me, most importantly, because that doesn’t always happen. Their goal was to create a house I loved and that was clear from all our interactions. They were so easy to work with. Just good people.

Do you have any advice for a first-time new home builder?

Think very carefully about YOUR life. There is no one size fits all and all the “rules” and “guidelines” probably don’t apply to you. Sit down early on and outline the flow of your life–basic stuff like what do you do when you first walk in the door. Then design the house based on that!

Picture of Ryan Cowan

Ryan Cowan:
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