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We value unique, thought-provoking, and intentional design. We believe that our homes can tell a story, your story. Our home can set the stage for our collected experiences, providing a place of refuge. A place where our lives are explored and expressed. It is where we raise our families and show love for one another. It is where we gather and build life’s many memories, have our deepest connections, and develop our many rituals. It is a place that embodies our truest selves and determines how we live in the world. Our team takes the time to get to know our clients, their stories, and their values to create a modern home that is meaningful, purposeful and reflects your ideal lifestyle.

Modern House in Fruita, Colorado


RG Cowan Design Build operates as a design-build home builder in the truest sense of the term. We believe in building high-quality modern homes for design-minded clients. Our team does this by integrating architectural design, interior design, architectural custom fabrications, and general contracting into a linear team process. Providing all of these services to our clients allows for a smooth transition from design concepts to the completion of your new home. It allows creative design direction, energy-efficient detailing, value engineering, and the highest level of craft to be maintained throughout our custom homes.

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As a full-service design company, we provide vision for all aspects of your project, including interior design. This is to ensure that your project is cohesive and exactly how you envision it. Our in-house designers believe in functional, beautiful spaces that are designed with intention. Because we are the architectural designer and builder, we incorporate your style from start to finish. With the world changing and our energy standards increasing, we know that choosing or creating products with a low impact is at top of mind. RG Cowan Design Build is dedicated to constructing an energy-tight home with Toward Net Zero fundamentals being integrated anywhere possible. We don’t want those values to be lost as we are putting in the finishing touches. To keep everything organized and accessible, we use project management software along the way. We want your design journey to be easy, fun, and catered to your needs to make sure you walk away with the home you’ve always wanted.


RG Cowan Design Build custom home Project Management Grand Junction and Fruita

Project Management

Building a custom design build home can be a complex and confusing process, with many moving parts and decisions to be made.  At RG Cowan Design Build, we know that great communication with our clients, our team, and our trade partners is what makes building a custom home successful for everyone involved.  To streamline our communications and planning for our custom homes, we have integrated BuilderTrend Project management software into our process to provide our clients and partners with their own portal into our project management system, allowing them to view selections, project schedules, and daily progress logs.  Our goal is to make our clients and our trade partners an integrated part of our project team throughout the home-building process.

Redlands, Co Toward Net Zero Custom Homes


RG Cowan Design Build continues to think ahead by introducing our own Toward Net Zero homes that will elevate our building standards even further beyond Code. Our TNZ homes focus on the full integration of Building Science principles into the design and build process of our custom homes to create the most considered, air-tight, weather-tight, energy-efficient, solar-ready homes built in Appleton, Fruita, Glade Park, Grand Junction, Palisade, and Redlands, Colorado today. This Toward Net Zero (TNZ) Custom home building standard is part of our mission to exceed client expectations by building the highest quality homes we can deliver. 

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Our workshop was born of Ryan Cowan’s own aspirations to bring together the creative process of making architectural customs with the mediums of concrete, wood, and steel. Our focus is on the beauty and durability of the finished product, not on the medium from which it is created. It is on building beatifical, durable, long-lasting architectural pieces born of the designer’s imagination. Our design process can fill the gaps between the imaginative designer and the pragmatic maker. Our workshop brings the art of technological 3-D modeling and specialty fabrications to our custom home-building process, allowing visionary concepts to become beautiful project installations for your custom home.

We believe in custom design that fits your unique, individual needs. Being designers, creators, and makers is at the heart of what drives us at RG Cowan Design Build. For us, it is always Design First. We believe in ideas before products to solve the problems of design, so it is often the case we find ourselves making unique custom objects for our projects. Our workshop specializes in custom cabinetry, architectural custom steel, and GFRC concrete (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). Our steelwork includes fireplace facades, bookshelves, stairways, custom timber connections, and handrails, bringing your custom home to life with clean lines and modern touches. In our GFRC shop, we create custom concrete countertops, fire pits, tables, and other beautiful details. Our team has perfected the art of casting durable and beautiful pieces for your new modern home.


Bookcliff Modern


Bookcliff Modern



Bookcliff Modern


Bookcliff Modern