Ryan Cowan

Owner I Operator

Ryan Cowan grew up in the Midwestern United States and was mentored by his father Robert E. Cowan. Robert E. Cowan owned and operated Cowan Homes, a custom home building company, from 1977 to 2005. Ryan has 20+ years in the construction industry and has operated as a Design Builder and General Contractor on the western slope of Colorado since 1999. In 2005, Ryan began pursuing a better understanding of Green Building practices and the science of cold climate construction methods through continuing education and involvement in Built Green Colorado and the Energy Star program. In 2008, R.G. Cowan designed and built its first Energy Star, Built Green Colorado certified home, achieving a five star Energy Star rating on this home and certifying it through the Built Green Colorado program. Still seeking a better understanding of Sustainable Design and construction, in 2009 Ryan left the Grand Junction area to attend CU-Boulder to pursue a degree in Environmental Design. Having completed the Environmental Design degree program in 2012, Ryan returned to the western slope of Colorado in 2013 to re-establish R.G. Cowan Design | Build and to pursue his love of design and home building.  

“For me, pursuing additional education is a journey of understanding how our environment is changing and what we should be doing about it. The facts are telling us to act and find new ways to think and do. It is important that we begin to accept the scope of this problem and the implications for the natural world, our kids, and future generations to come. We need to learn how to adjust our lives, our thinking and our businesses to this new paradigm. The idea that massive change doesn’t have to come to us through mandate is important to me. I believe that as determined, creative people, we can educate ourselves and each other to find new ways of living in this world. It is by caring about our planet and thinking of the quality of life for all, that we can make a world where future generations can thrive.”

Josey Burkett

Architectural designer 

Josey is an Architectural Designer here at R.G. Cowan where she tackles projects from their early stages of design, to the smallest details in construction documents. She grew up on the Front Range and graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado, Denver. Following her graduation in 2019, Josey decided to embrace her inner desert dweller and move to the Western Slope. She is an avid outdoorswoman who spends most of her free time hiking, fishing, and gardening. Josey is passionate about guiding clients through the design process in order to create a unique space where they can live, play, and relax. Her values of creativity, genuinity, and environmental stewardship influence her decisions every step of the way.

Gary Poush

Project Manager

Gary Poush was 14, when he enlisted two like-minded buddies in the construction of an 8 foot by 12 foot club house in the central Minnesota woods. It had two doors, a window, three bunks and a fireplace that sometimes worked. His family moved to Wyoming when he was a high school senior, and he has lived in the West since. 

Gary has worked in a collaborative environment with architects, designers and owners on projects here in Colorado and in Oregon, providing life cycle analysis and value engineering as needed. His background in the bio sciences has led to an intense interest in sustainability and a healthy home environment and an understanding that the homes he builds will nurture generations of families. Serra Construction was one of the first companies on the West Slope to build to the Energy Star and Colorado Built Greenstandards.

Echo Lankford

Selections Coordinator

Echo graduated with a Mass Communications degree, with a focus in Social Media Marketing, from Colorado Mesa University in 2017. She has a passion for working with small businesses and helping them optimize their online presence with a clear representation of their product, as well as their personalities and values. She also works as a part-time photographer, where she often pulls her artistry and design elements from. She was born in Moab, Utah but grew up on the front range of Colorado. She often finds her creative inspiration from both her love of the mountains as well as her desert roots. Echo values creative freedom, passion in the workplace, and creating authentic connections with the people that she works with, which is why she is excited to be part of the RGC team!

Sara Blette

Interior Designer

Sara Blette is an interior designer, and constant creative based in Denver, Colorado. Her interior design and creative work is rooted deeply in process and intention helping to bring to life more balance and harmony in our surroundings. Over the past 16 years she has been helping homeowners love where they live by helping them discover the nature of their own personal story. When not at work she can be found hiking the foothills with her two boys and adventure dog, Lucy.

Jorge Salinas

Design Assistant

Jorge was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. He loves designing new homes, buildings and other media. Mostly, he loves designing structures that create an emotional reaction with the observer. He went to school at Universidad de Durango, in Mexico and moved to Fruita, CO. when he graduated.

Working for RGC has opened his vision and interpretation of the native, modern architectural style; the material conveys and showcases the project’s intrinsic art and ensures the work we do is impeccable. Jorge is excited to be working with RGC because he shares the same vision as the company. One in which he understands the responsibility as an architect and designer to use sustainable materials and to have a straightforward, conscientious modern design. To him, working with such a friendly and professional team makes the architecture even more harmonious and of high-quality design.

Rodney Stephens

Project Manager

Rodney Stephens was born and raised in Moab, Utah where he found a love for the outdoors, hunting and a sense of community. At a young age he realized his passion and talent for woodworking. After graduating in 1989, he lived in the Las Vegas area for nearly 30 years. His scope of titles included foreman for FrameCon, superintendent for Pinnacle Homes, and Vice President of Operations for Classic Drywall and Paint. He moved to Western Colorado in 2015 to pursue a more creative calling, and to be closer to family. He often works as the project manager in field operations for R.G. Cowan.


Melissa Lind

Marketing Director

Melissa attributes her diverse computer skills to playing video games as a child. Her first 10 year career as a practicing LEED landscape architect honed her taste for residential and commercial design in the Bay Area and Colorado.

Her design pedigree began with her great grandfather, a Greenwich, Connecticut landscape architect who worked for the Olmsted Brothers (sons of Frederick Law Olmstead, the Landscape Architect of Central Park).

Having lived in Colorado, Arizona, Vancouver, California, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and Spain, she and her family (husband, toddler, cat) are happy to stake a claim in Taos, New Mexico; a big-culture little-town. She is inspired by the possibilities of the wild wild web and working with amazing people.