Steel, Concrete & Wood—Three Critical, Weather-Resistant Design Elements That Will Bring Your Modern Home To Life

With modern design, it’s the little details that really bring a custom home to life. During our design process we are always looking for new opportunities to integrate custom details into the build out of a new home.

No matter how big or small, our clients appreciate the time and handcrafted elements that differentiate their home from the rest. Over the years we have developed an in-house process to bring your ideas to reality. This work is created in our own Fluid Design Workshop, where we fabricate unique architectural customs for residential projects. 

We focus on three modern design elements that when used appropriately, can give your Colorado home a unique style that is truly yours: steel, concrete, and wood. Over the past decade we have found ourselves blending those elements in countless ways. Sometimes we end up with a more industrial flair that has exposed rivets and heavy texture. Other times, we end up with a more refined look, to compliment modern design. Before highlighting any of these elements, we hone in on your unique style to integrate the elements into a space. 

Modern Design Has Made Steel a Dual Purpose Master Material

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Not only can steel be used structurally in the building process, it can also be used as a decorative element both internally and externally. As an element on the exterior of the home, steel adds visual interest that can complement all of the other materials on the home and the surrounding area. On the interior, steel can bring continuity from room to room, when we integrate it into handrails and other architectural details.

Steel can be finished to maintain its appearance by painting, powder coating, sealing—or it can be left in its original state, to rust and age over time. These options make tailoring the design to your aesthetic a breeze.

Using steel siding as an alternative to wood or composite siding helps you save time and money on future maintenance and repairs. It’s a low maintenance option and a durable choice that will last for many years to come.

In Modern Design, Concrete Has Its Own Personality

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Concrete is never the same material twice. Depending on where the aggregate is sourced, how much or little it is polished and whether or not pigment is added, concrete can have numerous final looks and feels. Concrete can be molded and shaped into many modern design forms. A custom concrete countertop is a simple way to bring a raw material in, to contrast with the rest of your space. Not only are concrete countertops modern and sleek, they are also naturally raw and durable, while being custom sized and colored to your modern home. If you want blue countertops, we do that. If you want a board formed bar, we can also do that. Our only limit is imagination.

Due to its workable nature before it cures, concrete can be easily poured into a variety of shapes for multiple purposes. In addition to countertops, concrete can also be used for firepits, hearths, mantles, showers, and more. Each piece we create is done with care and precision to make sure that you get the end result you imagined. 

Wood Can Bring Back The Heirloom Quality of Craftsmanship In Modern Design

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There is nothing quite like the authenticity of unique custom cabinetry or a live-edge slab wood table. By integrating a custom wood element in your home, you are adding the story of how it was made as well, as the origins of the wood itself. Another benefit to its natural beauty is the warmth that it instantly adds to any room. Whether we add wood flooring, wood paneling to walls or ceilings, or custom cabinetry,  using this finish will bring balance and harmony to your modern space. 

All three of these modern design elements can be preserved in their original state, or left to weather with time.

That is what makes them so distinct when they find their way into your modern home. They offer a touch of elegance and a dash of rustic that can lean into any aesthetic. If you’re interested in integrating these elements into your Modern Colorado Home, give us a call. We would love to work with you.

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