Contrast in the Kitchen – Texture to Taste in a Grand Junction, CO custom home

We normally associate texture with food, clothes, and even sound. In reality, it is a part of every aspect of our lives. In our Grand Junction, Appleton, Fruita, Palisade, and Redlands, Colorado homes, texture lives on everything from our walls to washcloths. It isn’t something we normally consider holistically or view with intent. While designing interiors, texture becomes our way to bring visual interest and emotion into the space.

Adding textures to a space invites touch and evokes an understanding of the design intent. Materials like linen and wood can be combined to make a space feel streamlined yet cozy. Leather and velvet can be paired to create a luxurious retreat. In one of our recent projects, our clients had a distinct vision for their new kitchen and outdoor custom home living spaces. They were in need of a design that combined their kitchen, living, and outdoor spaces into a seamless oasis for their everyday routines. Their home has a unique architectural voice and they wanted to emphasize the character that was already there. Blending textures and colors throughout this project was how everything remained cohesive and spirited.

The purpose of contrasting materials

We used contrasting materials in the cabinetry to distinguish between the perimeter – high gloss – and the natural gathering space – maple. By contrasting the soft nature of maple in the cabinets and in the flooring with the harder textures of concrete and steel, we were able to offset the space’s tendency to feel like an alpine cabin. However, using contrasting textures does not always provide a dynamic interior. The high-gloss cabinets function as a vessel for various textures. They take on whatever happens to be reflected in them, bringing in elements from unexpected sources.

The function of texture

Along with rich black hardware, the unique backsplash adds an element of handcrafted care that naturally draws your eye throughout the space. The unevenness of each tile provides the space with intentional imperfections, giving it life and visual delight. Textures like these are great conversation starters or simply eye candy.

To extend their living and dining spaces to the exterior, our clients also updated the numerous decks around the home, as well as the cladding. This gave us the opportunity to develop a texture and color story for their exteriors. Considering finishes in a location as distinctive as the Western Slope can either be viewed as a challenge or an opportunity. We have the desert, evergreen groves, riversides, and snowstorms to glean inspiration from while designing.

For us, utilizing palettes that compliment the home’s natural surroundings is crucial. This home happens to live on a densely wooded plot of land with mature trees providing plenty of shade. This backdrop informed our color selections, while the existing architecture drove the material selections. The wood decking adds warmth, the horizontal cream siding brightens, the gray cedar leaves a part of the original architectural intent, and the green entry wall adds drama. The existing beams were left original because it is difficult to find materials that match the grandeur of the home.

Recognizing good design

Next time you walk into a well-designed custom home and immediately feel at ease, take some time to notice why you may be feeling that way. The subtlety of blending textures and colors can have a profound impact on how a space is perceived. You can see some of our other design projects here.

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