Why Fruita is The Best Colorado Town To Build Your Custom Home in Right Now

There’s no question that Colorado’s Western Slope is a grand place to live. But which town should you choose for your high desert new house? You may have heard of Grand Junction, but the pleasant surprise is Fruita.

Everyone’s heard of Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s known for wine, festivals, and amazing outdoor activities. But if you want a small town feel without scrimping on convenience and amenities, may we suggest Grand Junction’s western neighbor—Fruita, Colorado?

Introducing Fruita: Just Northwest of Grand Junction…and Straight on Till Morning…

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Ok, so Fruita isn’t Neverland, but’s it’s nearly as magical.

You may be asking yourself, “Where is Fruita, and why should I live there?” 

Fruita Versus Grand Junction

Located 20 minutes West of Grand Junction and 20 minutes East of the Utah border. Fruita has a population of about 13,000.  That makes it much smaller than Grand Junction’s population of 62,000. Elevations are comparable, at 4,514 feet above sea level for Fruita and 4,583 feet for Grand Junction. Median age is 38 in Grand Junction and 37 in Fruita, and the median incomes are on-par as well.

The real difference is in the atmosphere of these two places. One of them is a (pretty cool!) city, with the bustle that entails. However, Grand Junction is less crazy and crowded than Colorado Front Range cities, like Denver, Boulder, and Pueblo, so if you’re truly seeking an urban area, it’s a good choice.

Fruita is known as the “Moab of Colorado.” It offers just as many opportunities to play outside as Grand Junction, but with a bit more downtown quirkiness and a penchant for paleontology. It’s also known for its friendly vibe. The town’s unofficial motto (as seen on local bumper stickers) is WTF or Welcome To Fruita.

Fruita was voted one of Colorado’s Top Adventure Towns for three years in a row by Elevation Outdoors and one of America’s Top 20 Coolest Outdoor Towns by Matador Network.

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Top Five Reasons To Build Your New House In Fruita, Colorado—the Best Kept Secret In the Grand Junction Metro Area

1. Fruita’s fantastic location offers unparalleled outdoor activities.

Fruita is near all the fantastic Colorado outdoor fun and lots of the great Utah adventures. It has rafting, boating, skiing, hiking, fishing, climbing, and more.

Plus, Fruita is considered one of the largest mountain biking meccas.

Fruita is right off the highway, and near so many unique areas in every direction. You’re just a few minutes from Grand Junction and a few hours from Denver, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Moab and more.

The town is considered the gateway to the Colorado National Monument, which is famous for rock climbing and mountain biking. In the Monument, you can access Rattlesnake Arches, which is the largest formation of natural arches outside of Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. You can also access the Kokopelli trails, which lead from Fruita all the way to Moab.

Fruita is a quick two hours from the Grand Mesa —the largest flat-top mountain in the world. There are hundreds of nearby lakes, and it’s an hour drive to Powder Horn Ski Resort. You can also access the Book Cliffs, Mount Garfield, and the Colorado River.

2. Like Grand Junction, Fruita has the mildest Colorado weather on offer.

The best months here may be May, June, September, and October.

It’s never too humid and rarely snowy, with only a few months of cold weather temperatures. The spring and fall are incredible, and we have a long growing season for backyard gardens. You can expect sunshine nearly 240 days a year.

3. Fruita has an amazing community and lots of local businesses.

Just walk down Main Street to find great boutiques and restaurants.

Fruita is known for artisan pizza. Both Pablo’s and The Hot Tomato are hot spots to get a good pie. We also have yummy coffee and breakfast joints. Camilla’s Cafe, Aspen St. Coffee, and Best Slope Coffee are local favorites.

In the summer, there are local concerts, farmers markets, and festivals. Mike the Headless Chicken Festival is a crowd favorite.

4. Fruita offers lots of opportunities to live downtown—even if you want to custom build your new house.

Unlike more urban places, Fruita still has vacant lots near downtown. Building right off Main Street is a great way to enjoy all of that Fruita has to offer. It’s a great investment as well, since the town is actively growing.

5. You can build a great house in Fruita, and it will almost certainly appreciate in value.

Everyone talks about the rising real estate values in Colorado Front Range cities, but home values in Fruita are also appreciating. In fact, they’ve appreciated roughly 13 percent in the past decade.

In very recent years, Fruita’s real estate has been appreciating even faster, as people are priced out of cities such as Denver and Colorado Springs.

In sum, Fruita is a fantastic place to set down roots if you want a western town with loads of outdoor activities and plenty of other amenities.

We have local shops and restaurants, a hospital and health clinics, and several grocery stores and farmers markets. We’re a quick drive from Grand Junction if you need a big box store or some other more urban convenience.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Fruita or maybe you’ve been dreaming of custom building here for years. Either way, we’d love to talk to you about your vision for your new house.



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