Bookcliff Contemporary

Square Footage: 3000
3 bedroom/ 2 bath

The Bookcliff modern was a home designed for clients who were looking for a sustainable approach to designing and constructing their new home. After living abroad for most of their professional careers, these clients had lived in a variety of housing types that were not typical of most North American homes. They found things along the way that they loved and worked well for them and they found things that they didn’t like and brought this valuable information to the design table. The Bookcliff Modern was to be their “forever home” and needed to be a special place for them.

Modern Theme:

For this design, our process considered the building site’s primary qualities of topography and solar access. We also considered prominent views, the best driveway access, septic system requirements, and where the garden would be best suited for an avid gardener. After considering the most important factors, we zoned the spaces and implemented their program of needs in a way that allowed for sunny, together with spaces on the south side of the home, capturing light and views and opening up to the landscape to the warm sunny south. We then arranged the north side of the home with bedroom spaces to include smaller windows to hold the warmth and create an intimate sense of privacy.

Once our floor plan was established, we then created custom detail elements that were modern and clean. The exterior of the home was clad in unique combinations of durable cement sidings, metal sidings, stone and stucco. The deep porches were detailed with structural steel beams and connections to the supporting timber columns. The custom wood entry door leads to custom steel entry floor tiles with wood flooring beyond. Other interior finishes include a white oak floating stair with custom steel railings, a patina’d steel fireplace with concrete hearth, porcelain tile flooring, tile showers and granite countertops.

Combinations of steel, wood, concrete and stone played juxtaposition throughout to create a unique home on a great building site.

A Home Tailored to its Owners

The Bookcliff Modern showcases how personal experience can shape a home’s design. The clients’ international living background brought a fresh perspective, resulting in a unique, sustainable dwelling that perfectly suits their needs and desires. The blend of modern and natural elements, along with the thoughtfully considered placement of rooms, highlights the harmony between the home and its environment. The Bookcliff Modern stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between client and designer, ultimately creating a one-of-a-kind home perfectly suited to its owners.